Kreuzberg Kinder Kye Havanablack Unisex Güneş Gözlüğü

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  • Kreuzberg kinder hand made special editation

    The children of kreuzberg,
    Know exactly what it means to be free

    They know that to be free is not about living luxurious life on a yacht. Hell no.
    Being free is about breaking the rules. It?s about tagging your name on a wall on a moonless night. It?s about squatting in an abandoned building. It?s about planting a kiss on a lover?s lips, and who cares about their gender. It?s about embracing your own contrasts and passion regardless of what anyone else?s thinks.
    These children are our inspiration here at kruezbergkinder. We believe that true freedom requires rule-Breaking and that real creativity flourishes only where borders and boundaries are crossed.

    This is how we came up with rule-Breaking glasses.

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